Large Format Printing

Willow is proud to offer the leading edge in the Eco-Solvent printing world. With our new Mutoh large format printer, we can now offer unsurpassed quality and speed to our customers. With a printing width of 54 inches, and a top speed of 300 square feet an hour, we can quickly produce any signage when you’re in a jam.

Mutoh Printer

The image quality that we can produce with our Mutoh printer is due to its “I2” industry leading printing head. This technology lays the ink in a wave pattern, contrary to the industry standard of straight lines. With the ink being laid down in waves this virtually eliminates the presence of banding. The “I2” head also keeps dot sizes uniform and enriches the image’s colour and sharpness.

Classic printing Mutoh wave technology

Our Mutoh printer will print on anything from bond paper to scrim banner. We can print floor plans/ blueprints. The Eco Solvent adheres to the substrate so well, that the substrate will in fact wear out before the image will.